Version 2.0 (Beta)
(c) 2003 Klaus Gotthardt


ThinSQL is a free applet-php_MySQL or applet-servlet utility that connects to an SQL server over the Internet. It's compatible with proxy servers and network firewalls because it uses HTTP as its main method of communication.

ThinSQL can be used to add, remove, modify, and retrieve data.

The Web server in use must mave PHP-MySQL or must be servlet enabled and the database that is accessed must be JDBC compatible .


  1. Client: A Java-enabled browser
  2. Server: Server with PHP and MySQL or an ODBC Driver or
    a pure JDBC driver for your database and a servlet-enabled web server,


  1. Works with PHP-MySQL or
    any database accessible via JDBC
  2. Works with any Java Servlet Server
  3. Add, remove, modify, and retrieve data
  4. Freeware
  5. Thin client
  6. No plugin, no client installation
  7. No expensive application server
  8. Encoded data send to the server (Base64)
  9. Works with Thinlets



Example config.xml



Installation with PHP-MySQL:

  1. Unzip to a directory on your web server
  2. modify config.xml

Installation with servlets:

  1. Unzip to a directory on your web server
  2. Copy thinservlet and connectionpool classes to the servlet-directory
  3. Test the servlet from a browser
    (http://localhost/....../servlet/ThinServlet should result
    servletException: null)
  4. modify config.xml


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