Amortization Schedule

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Example 1: A small loan at a value of 2000 euro is to be erased in 30 months (= 2.5 years) with a interest rate of 9.8. Is the monthly rate how high? (75.44)

Principal 2000 Years = 2,5
Interrest Rate 9.8 Paymaent per Year 12

Example 2: A mortgage at a value of 120.000 euro with half-yearly payment and an initial repayment is erased by 2 per cent and a interest rate of 6.43 per cent.
Is the balance of debt how high after 10 years? (87041.02)

Principal 120000 Initial repayment= 2
Interrest Rate 6.43 Paymaent per Year 2

Author of the grid Thomas Müller (thanks):